Everything Crashes 😡

Call Me Crazy

I’ve got a Firestick 4k attached to a Fire TV!

Could it be possible Amazon is jamming the signal??

I’ve got a VPN
I’ve got expanded storage
I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, force stopped, cleared cache, rebooted, restarted, tried lots of new APK and still the same problem :rage:

After unresponsiveness it keeps ending at app management launch app.
Constantly kicking me back to square one.

This system has always been lightning quick until my Sharp Roku tv broke.

I got an Insignia Fire TV and nothing wants to work quickly. Even my IPTV with TV Mate is slow.

I really doubt amazon is blocking you but maybe a conflict of 2 fire systems? …not sure, never had nor want a fire tv, I do like my roku tv and it runs anything I want. Maybe another fire tv peep is here and can offer help…


I loved my Roku tv as well. I’m waiting on a new chip for the broken one.

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