Ethernet connection

I am connected directly to an available Ethernet port on the back of my wireless router and it close to my streaming is still buffering… What is your advice?


My advice would be to do some investigating.

What’s buffering? Iptv? Or streaming vod services like kodi cinema app syncler.

Do you have a VPN on connected to the fastest server and closest?

What I’d your down speed and up speed.

What are you using? Andriod box/stick other?

I am buffering on iptv… Using surfshark VPN…on…closest to the server… Firetv stick…


If you have 10 plus up speed and at least 30 down with VPN on you shouldn’t buffer.

Sometimes providers will buffer as there server get loaded with to many connections.

Keep trying others. Alot of these providers encounter buffering on peak times.

Thanks for your insight… My download speed is… 85…upload is 50…


Your provider is probably having issues try others.

As I said it happens often.

Try switching your DNS.



That won’t work if his provider having connection issues or to many people connected to one network or server.

The server very well could be the issue. But doesn’t hurt to try.

Might try changing vpn protocol as well.

Sorry, the other issues you mentioned were already discussed and it appears they didn’t work. I was suggesting another alternative that hasn’t yet been tried. If you read through the article there is a good argument to be made switching to this DNS server.


I didn’t mean to be rude you are extremely helpful.

It’s worth a try.

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Oh no you weren’t rude. You are very very helpful all the time. Every suggestion made has been helpful to try and eliminate buffering, this is just one more option. We’re all good my friend.

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Thank you…For trying to help…:grinning:

I take it its still buffering?

Try another provider. I believe it’s them.

I would open Surfshark and see what servers have less people using it. If I get a buffering issue that’s what I do and it fixes it

Thank you guys…I appreciate all your help…

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Seriously, Buy an NVidia Pro.
The root cause of Firestick buffering:
1- Too many apps on the stick or too many left open, you need 1.5GB free cache.
2- Trying to stream 4K or 1080P programs. Firestick processor speed combined with all the proprietary Amazon apps is too slow. I have debloated my 4K shutdown everything except Prime (I have an account) & I only stream in 720 or lower.
3- If you are using KODI or an Outlaw App - slow/overloaded servers is the cause.
Important If streaming Netflix, Prime, Disney+ - if you are buffering then the problem is in the Stick. If not, problem is server related & Real Debrid may help.
What makes me laugh is people believe they have purchased a $50 media streaming device & can watch movies currently playing in theaters for free watching at home in 4K & have magically beat the system.
Sorry but it don’t really work that way. I have real skills, have helped develop apks, tools & such. Have configured & flashed Routers plus my equipment is very good. To eliminate buffering, Debloat the Firestick, install a Y adapter & a 3.1 USB drive preferably a Samsung & stream in no higher than 720. Accomplish that & the only time you will buffer is due to slow/overloaded servers.

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Agree. Many peeps try to stream 4k on junk equipment and its a challenge at best. Drop the vid reso down and fix many issues.

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