Ethernet adapter

Ok I know this may seem a silly question for some but I can’t find any solid information after searching for an hour Can I connect an ethernet adapter from my 4K Firestick, and using an ethernet cable then plug it directly into the WiFi extender and have it act as a hard wired connection?
The TP Link WiFi extender has one ethernet port. Modem is on the lower level and Firestick on the 2nd level. Concrete building with a mass of rebar. I can connect WiFi and get speeds of 35Mb down, but the signal from the extender is fluctuating from 15 to 35 and I am getting massive buffering even though the stick is literally 6 ft from the extender.
This is a first for me as it’s on one of my optimized firesticks and worked flawlessly at my customers last home where buffering was rare. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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