ESPN App VPN Issue

The last couple of weeks whenever I use the ESPN app it knocks off my VPN (IPVANISH). Not a big issue but I do have to remember to reconnect when I’m finished. I tried split tunnel but same result. Thought?

If you subscribe to like Spectrum, Hulu etc, you don’t need a VPN to connect the app

It is weird, an app shouldn’t disconnect your VPN. While you should likely split tunnel the ESPN app anyway, nothing in a streaming box/stick should open and kick you out of your VPN. Assuming you have the most updated versions of everything, the ESPN app, IPV and your box OS?

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Yeah. Everything is up to date and the VPN never disconnect for anything else. Like I said it’s not a big issue but I just found it unusual.

Is espn app different from espn+? I have espn + and use my vpn (ExpressVPN) server at a different location to prevent my favorite teams broadcasts from being subject to blackout. I used to have IPVanish several years ago but found some of their server locations had problems doing this.

I completely agree with you, while in theory, the VPN should do its job, many times is the individual server within the VPN that becomes a problem. I’ve had this happen with several apps,especially

Yes the app is different. It is free if it’s part of your tv package. I use it mostly for SEC secondary sports.
Appreciate the reply.

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