ES File Explorer Pro to Charge $9.99 per Month but We Have You Covered

Originally published at: ES File Explorer Pro to Charge $9.99 per Month but We Have You Covered

ES File Explorer has introduced a “Premium” version of their popular application that will cost users $9.99/month. This new version will require payment to use any of the following features: Side-loading applications Use of Video Player Unlimited File Downloads Professional File Analysis File Cleaning Zip File Extraction ES File Explorer has been used by tech-junkies…

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Unable to access Google cloud - auth failed Apparently Google is blocking access.

Yes, that is new. However, I had success with OneDrive.

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You can also just use X-plore, which I think is better.

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I used the Downloader app as in Troy’s instruction and installed it. Worked perfectly.

I read, not sure it is true, than ES File Explorer is sharing personal information - which is why Google is blocking them. I thought about using OneDrive - but if they are being blocked for security issues, I chose not to.

That’s a respectful policy. Never take chances on what you don’t know until you do. I might point out that Troy gave instruction on the install of this app, and if it was malicious in any way I think he would know that, as he has world wide contacts, and I know he would not want to cause anyone any problems. In short, I pretty much trust that anything Troy recommends is safe.


Yes - I installed X-plore - getting use to it but at least it is not blocked by Google. YEAH.

I have both but tend to use X-plore. One thing I really like about it is that it supports DLNA and can stream from your network computers. It works really well.

can you use dlna for file transfer? never used it but I see it :eyes:

Not that I am aware of as it’s purpose it so serve media files to clients in other words, sharing the media around the network.

Thanks, thats what I thought. :+1: