Error message when I try to play real-debrid versions

I have real-debrid and when I choose a movie (in Cinema) I do get yellow colored options to play. When I do select the yellow option I get an error message. What am I doing wrong? I have MX Player as my preferred player also.

Are you using a free account?

In order for real debrid to work with those perimum links you need to pay for the service.

The free account just shows your links. Need the service to play them.

Tbh, I paid for real-debrid but I can’t remember how long ago. My subscription may have ended. I will look into that and if that is the case I will update my post.

It has in fact expired. I guess I am not familiar enough with its operation because when I was updating real-debrid on my firestick I would need to add a code from my laptop/phone to my firestick. I just assumed my subscription was still good since my code was accepted on my firestick.