Error brave download

I tried to download the brave browser through Downloader, but when I type in the suggested I get an error message. I’ve tried several times and same error message.

What error message do you get? Have you gone into the “files” in downloader and cleared any “old” apk of the Brave browser that you used before this attempt?

If all else fails, enter in DOWNLOADER: and download direct

“Error: Not found. Check your url”
after typing exactly as Troy said.
I’ve never used Brave before, so nothing in files.

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Ok. I checked the url. It’s from malavida. It does appear to be incorrect. Here is their link.

stick with known sources
Brave for Android - APK Download

Agreed TX. That’s why I linked to Malavida. It’s been around for a long time. APKpure is also an excellent site and safe. Not sure why Troy used Malavida but there ya go.

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I got to the download link. When I clicked on it, this is the error message I received. This is frustrating. :tired_face:

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Are you running any kind of ad blocker or other software?

Also what device? I use brave one mostly everything without issue.

Are you using brave browser? Something is blocking access and brave is known for that.

No, and I tried a couple times in case I messed up.

I’m confused. How could I be running the brave browser when I haven’t downloaded it yet?

I just noticed IPVanishVPN disconnected.

see if you can download it here>>> Proton Drive

It’s asking for a password.

no password is installed

I just clicked on it and downloaded

At the risk of being redundant, try and download directly

I tried 12341234 and 444444 like Troy suggests sometimes, but nothing. I checked my apps to make sure I don’t have Brave and nothing.