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When searching on a addon is there a way to search for English only? I’ve tried three times and get another language each time.

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Question - does this occur while using other add-ons in addition to the one in question? What device are you using?


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When you are talking about addons do you mean kodi addons?

Which one are you using? Please give us a little more info.

If you are picking a link to play typically if it’s in other languages it will say, if it does you can select audio track and switch to the preferred language if it’s available.

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I’m using a build so it’s multiple I’ve tried. My main one though is Oath. One particular stream I get lots of choices but everyone I choose is in Chinese. I don’t always have this issue. It just seems to be this stream

I should say one particular movie I get lots of stream choices. I want to see if I can get English only to show up. I speak no other language and don’t want to read subtitles the entire movie. Thanks for responding by the way

I’m using a Firestick and I’ve tried 3 different addons same result. I haven’t had this happen before so it has to be the movie I’m trying to get. I know they have it in English because I’ve found a preview to watch and it’s English.

Typically everything is in English it’s the main language.

But some foreign flims or anime will have dubs or not be in English.

You need to look at the links audio track. If English is available in the link it will be provided.

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