Easiest way to Sideload Apps on Android Box

Hi all what the quickest and easiest way to download apps onto a android box? Downloader? Filelinked? Previously only had firestick s, thanks all :grin::+1:

My personal favorite is I keep a copy of all the apps I use in my Proton Cloud so From any browser on any device I can access all my apps to install or I can install Proton Drive on any device and access and install from there.

And this

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Aurora is now my go=to app for downloading after you spoof it. Although, if the app is a well known app or a mainstream media app. I will usually just use the PS.

Downloader and browser apps I will only use from trusted sites such as APKPure, Softonics, Mirror, etc… I try to keep my distance from unknowns.

Even so, it is always a good idea to run a malware/virus check on any new app you download.


With the downloader and our toolbox… Best way.

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