Dual streams on Firestick

There was a question earlier about Dual streams on FIreStick posted by Itsapirateslifeforme.
In addition to using a service that supplies multiple streams and using tivimate as posted by Jayhawks659
You can simply get an HDMI Multiviewer,
Search on Amazon, ebay etc for HDMI multiviewer.
Very reasonable prices, they vary from $60’s to near $100, there are some much more expensive but that price point is NOT needed.
Read and study carefully especially the Audio switching capability, some require hooking up to PC via RS-232/USB to enable properly.
If you are using a projector without Audio Out you could consider one with an Audio Extractor (Stereo,Optical,Coaxial)
BUILT-IN like this one for $87, It’s QUAD but you can use with only two inputs: cable, ROKU, FIrestick, Game, etc etc.
(Not sure if link is allowed!
If not search for:
HDMI Multiviewer Switch 4x1, PORTTA HDMI Quad Multi-Viewer Seamless Switcher 4 in 1 Out with Loop, Audio Extractor to Stereo, Coaxial, Optical, 1080p, 5 Viewing Modes for Security Camera, Gaming

Just one more thought,
I have one of these and I am VERY pleased,
I can watch two games side by side on my projector, switch to full screen on either one, it is GREAT,
and the one I have has one mode with PIP which I place in the upper left corner and can swap back and forth.
I had to use an RS-232/USB cable from laptop to Multiviewer to set the PIP size and position.
Of course you need multiple input devices, two firesticks or some mix.

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