Downloader Red Circle

How do I get the red circle on downloader site stop going from only corner to corner I can’t stop it on the page where I need to,what have I got turned off that needs to be on

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Depending on your device it sounds like you need the Mouse Toggle app. Search for that

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if its on firestick use up down left an right on main button on remote

If you’re using it on a Firestick use the Circle button in the middle , the outer ring will move it up, down , left, right…

I no that but it only goes all the way left or right,or all the way up and down ,I can’t stop it in the middle or anywhere else on the screen

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A Mini keyboard or the Mouse Toggle app may be your best solutions. OTG cable or hub and a 2.4 GHz usb dongle.

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Uninstall and reinstall

tried that didnt work

Ok so you have used the remote direction ring for up, down, right, left. So this is odd behaviour to me but when you click on any direction it moves without any further input from you. What happens when you click the “enter” button. So lets say the cursor is on the right side and you click left, and I take it, the cursor stays moving even after you are no longer pressing the ring. During that try clicking enter.
What device is this on? :flushed: :thinking:

try downloading from different source

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you got it it goes all the way side to side or if you push up and down it goes to the top or bottom of screen

I did that but no change something has to be unabled somewhere

You still haven’t said which device. I do recall having a similar navigation problem on downloader on one of my past devices and I think it was a pendoo x6 pro. The only way I could get it to work was using a separate remote/keyboard it was a Rii mini i8
Good luck :+1:

I am using the firestick 4k

sometimes the remote sticks try reset

I thought of that didn’t work either

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