Downloader has trojan

Not sure if anyone has had this issue recently but now when I scan the Downloader app with both VirusTotal & DefSquid & they both say it has a trojan virus. I already uninstalled & reinstalled it a few times from the Amazon store & still same positive trojan result. Doubt it can be false positive this many times. Has anyone else has these issues with it? Even the articles on the homepage won’t come up anymore…


A false postive will always be a false postive, will always flag regardless.

My suggestion, use the rapid app installer. Very doubtful the downloader has a vrius on the store… they scan stuff. So you got something from somewhere els. And if the store is giving you flags its a false positive.

The rai can be used like a downloader…


Yup. I did the sane today. Even transfered a previously scanned and malware/trojan free copy from my phone to the Max and it scanned the same way.
FYI using the exact same scanners on my Android phone does not return any positives.

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Just to let you know the Downloader app isn’t & has never been on the RAI. Going to try it from the Troypoint website. See if that works.


That’s not what i said, go read it again. I said the rai can be used just like the rai. Most don’t know this.

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