Downloader App Goes Home

Originally published at: Downloader App Goes Home

Dear TROYPOINT Fans, TROYPOINT purchased the Downloader app from Elias @ approximately one year ago. Elias was the original developer of the application. Last year he took a new job with Amazon as Product Manager for Fire TV at Amazon Lab126 which required him to step away from AFTVNews and the Downloader App. At…


This is a very exciting news :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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:grinning:Great app use it all the time. Congratulations on coming back home

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“you can never go home again”. So Thomas Wolfe was wrong! Welcome home!

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That’s great to hear. Now I have 3 sources that may be able to help me get my FireTVStick 4k to work correctly. Elias, Troy or Amazon or somebody else who has previously solved a similar issue… My somewhat newer Firestick 4k will let me load the Downloader App and then when I try to load the with unknowns enabled, the Downloader tries to connect and then says, “Unknown Error Occurred: Check your URL and connection and try again.” My network is connected via Ethernet to my Firestick. Can anybody help?

I had the same problem last week with downloader?

Not too sure what the deal was but I disconnected the Ethernet cable and connected via WiFi and the problem went away. Perhaps there is a problem using the uGreen Ethernet adapter with Xfinity internet on my Netgear C500 módem and tp-link AC1750 router. Thanks Troy for sending me down the right road.