Downloader apk issues

Hi, I have noticed today when I type any apk on the browser, it comes up with an error parse then all goobly gook. Does anyone have that issue? I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times via different sources via unlinked.

It was so easy searching - anyone has any suggestions how to get around this?

Some of the apps on unlinked don’t even work correctly.

I can post a screenshot tomorrow if it would help.

Good night from sunny England :sunglasses:

I look forward to some positive responses.


Strange. I’m assuming you are using a firestick?

Try downloading the apks with the Downloader or send them to your device with your phone.

Mentioned below is also a option. Factory reset.

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Just had to reset my firestick to factory specs, and reload EVERYTHING!! Other than taking me time 'cause I’m slow, everything loaded fine and is working perfectly. Extra storage, Downloader, browsers, rapid app loader, etc… Thanks to Troypoint tutorials it only took 4 hrs …would have been 4 days.

Yes I’m using FS 4K
I have 3 of them and they are all doing the same - also I’ve setup friends and they are also experiencing the same issue. It sucks.

To factory reset the FS, I’ll give it a miss at present due to time. Thanks for getting back, much appreciated :pray:

For me it’s only DOWNLOADER APK- I’ll battle through and find alternative ways to side load them. Always have back up - more important than main :slight_smile:

Well enjoy apps - IMDB started to show great movies free of charge due to adverts. Amazon’s smart way of networking even further :wink:

The most issues seem to happen with the firestick. Each update seems to circumvent streaming apps.

My suggestion would be to sideload apps with unknown sources turned on.

You can download send my files on your phone and stick and remotely send them to to stick.

Or use Bluetooth. I do this alout to avoid using the Downloader. It’s easier that way.

Thanks for that
My confirmation is all good including debugging etc

I’ve got an iPhone 6s
So not sure how I can send the file to the firestick.

I wasn’t aware it’s possible.

Unless I purchase an android phone.

Too many gadgets to take care off lol

It would help if you had the exact error happening. Is it possible the apks you’re trying to download are corrupt?

Make sure you selected allow downloader to access…


Even with Apple. All your doing I’d sending through with Bluetooth.

The fire stick does have it. Also make sure to get these apks from verified sources.

Try downloading only the current version Downloader by AFT News apk off of the Apk Pure site. The others apps may be outdated.

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If “downloader” isn’t working for you, why not try something like “sideload launcher”. When one tool fails ya get a replacement.


I have done that on all of my fire sticks.

Been using for over 2 years.

First time I’ve had the error

I’m going to try that.
Before I was getting it from Troypoint - he doesn’t have it.

I use APK but it won’t just search for anything anymore. Even after deleting the app and trying to download from Amazon - same issue.

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Any recommended sites besides APK PURE

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