Downloader and Rapid App Installer

I installed the new mecool 3 everything is going ok but I can not download the RAI it says subscribers only (I’m one ) Even if I get it into my email there is no link to get it.

Hello @uwejens please note that all subscriber links such as this are located at the bottom of every weekly Advisor that I send out. You can only register once and that is why you aren’t getting it again. Here is the tutorial page for RAI - TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY) - TROYPOINT: Tech Tutorials On Firestick, Android TV Box, VPN, IPTV, Streaming, & More

When I try the link to the URL, I get this message shown below. Any idea what is going on?

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Hello @gordobowes try again. Website problems earlier but fixed now.

Thanks. Works perfectly now.

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