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I have searched the forums, but cannot find an answer.

Using Film plus and Stremio, for any movie or tv show. Every time i use play with subtitles, play, or play with, all i get is " download sub error".

Using " play with" normally gives me an option box of Vlc or MX player. But, it automatically goes to mx player when loading.

With Film plus, using the search subtitles, i also get the same.

I am signed into on my account. Not sure if that makes any difference. I have tried Film plus with and without a Vpn.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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Stremio doesn’t need a play with option really. The vid player is great on it’s own. Subtitles are easily configured in the settings and by having the subtitle add on enabled. No downloading.

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@Miki Thanks. I have done that in Stremio, but still get the same error.

I was referring to Film plus when i quoted " play with".

Thanks for your reply.

I guess I don’t understand what it is you’re trying to do. You don’t “download” subtitles in Stremio, if the movie or series has a subtitle package and you have open subtitles addon installed and subtitles configured in the settings, then playing that movie etc. subs will be displayed, no “downloading” that I’m aware of. Ahhh I forgot one thing, are you attempting to load a “custom” subtitle .srt file?

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@Miki I am not trying to download subtitles on Stremio. Subtitles is already set up correctly in the app.

When i try to play a movie or Tv show, it starts to play and plays without the subtitle.

When i check the subtitles page on the app, it states that there is an error with

When i use Film plus and select play with subtitles, it gives the error " download sub error".

I hope that explains it.

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You have extensive control over the different aspects of the subtitles. To change them, click on the subtitles icon at the top right toolbar while watching a video. Here are the subtitles settings:

Change between embedded and external subtitles
Choose the subtitles language
Choose the subtitles source. For each language, there will be at least one subtitles source
Increase or decrease the subtitles delay
Increase or decrease the size of the subtitles
Increase or decrease the subtitles vertical offset
Use black background color for subtitles
If more than one source you can try changing it.
Now it is a tad difficult to get to if you don’t know how. When the movie starts click the “pause/play” Then the large “play” arrow should be highlighted, click up, then scroll right to highlight the subtitle icon, second from the right, just left of the hamburger, then you can turn them on or off here. You can also configure sub languages etc. in the settings menu. now in addons go to the top right and click on community and change it to “official” and scroll down to make sure “OpenSubtitles” is installed. Now in addons you also have other subtitle addons you can install. I think there is a way to add more sub sources but I have to take a look, it’s been a long time since I’ve dug into sub settings in Stremio. If I find out how I’ll get back to you.
If you go to addons then at the top click the search and type in titlovi or wizdom then enter, those two subtitle addons will show and you can add them. That will give you 3 sub sources.

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@miki…What an absolute star you are​:+1::+1:

My settings were already as you suggested, but the link you gave me for stremio subtitles, seems to have done the trick. was already installed and now all is working.

Really appreciate your patience and great reply.

Many thanks :pray:

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Please mark my reply as “solution” tx. Then @TP-Dracoo can close it.

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@Miki …Done as requested.

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