Double subtitles

Using Cinema with Real-Debrid there are times I get double subtitles…anyone else have this issue?

I did. So many problems with Cinema I deleted it. It was only my backup anyway. I use Stremio for all my movies and TV shows.


Yeah @Miki
Seems like as I’m reading this thread, Cinema seems more trouble than it’s worth, especially when there are so many other options. Agree wholeheartedly.

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When accessing links, 2 thinks are probably happening.

Subtitles on and hard coded subtitles. If you are using mx player as your external top right turn off subtitles.

If there still is they are hard coded into the video. Move on to another link.

If not using mx even the original player you can turn off subtitles and closed captioning.

My suggestion would be a paid service as you get much better torrents(link) to access.


Ya I think he’s referring to the hard coded double subtitles. Lately they’ve been showing up with double language subs, one in English and the other in god knows what. I simply picked another link just like you suggested.



Must be a free link issue. I never get doubles on kodi streamo or syncler.

I even use the free options sometimes to compare.

Well if it’s a Russian upload then yes. I’m seeing a drop in free links and when they are present they are typically from foreign countries with lots of hard coding.

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