Dolby 5.1 and Atmos over HDMI to an AVR

My Denon AVR is licensed for most audio formats, but I can not get it play surround sound over HDMI from my Android TV box using Kodi. It will play stereo mix down . My Android box has a preinstall player that will play some ac3 5.1 audio sometimes. When people review Android boxes they never talk about their audio capabilities. I think all Android boxes should be setup to pass audio to your receiver through HDMI.That way as customers we would not have to pay licensing fees for every device. Can you tell me if any current Android boxes do this?

you have to go into Kodi settings into system make sure your in expert mode then go to audio this how i got mine setup and i myself have denon amp

1.Numbers Of Channels 7.1 or 5.1 if you don’t have atmos speakers
2.Best Match
3 Enable Audio Passthrough
then pick your premium sound that your amp supports ( I have all mine activated )

Then Voila you get all your premium sound enable DD DD plus DTS TrueHD DTS-HD

I hope this is the question you are asking for :slight_smile:

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I also have a Denon AVR. Have Kodi with Seren add-on on Firestick 4k. The streams that Seren lists (through Real-Debrid) show you surround sound info. With the Kodi settings that marko indicated, your selected stream should trigger your avr to decode the audio. What android box do you have?

I agree with you 1000%. When I started out I had an Amazon device and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why the little blue light on my AVR wouldn’t illuminate. As it turns out, the device I had (Fire TV 3rd gen) would support DD+ but did not support TrueHD audio (uncompressed). This made me upset, so I went and bought a Shield.

I agree with @marko1965 except for the second part. My Kodi settings are set to optimized. It’s been a while since I’ve played around with it, but I don’t think I got TrueHD to work when it was set to best match.

I have been thinking about creating a long post about different audio settings but I don’t know that there are enough people on this forum looking for that information. Most people are only concerned about the video, not the audio. Plus, it would probably end up being a very long post. You have to make sure you have the hardware capabilities, the proper device settings, the application settings, AVR settings, proper cables, etc. There are actually a lot of components that need to be configured correctly to get the best audio setup. That’s not even getting into the differences between audio encoding, decoding, and signal processing.

P.S. If your AVR can pretty much handle anything you throw at it, including TrueHD, then set your sound mode to “direct”. The track will play the way it was intended without any signal processing. Otherwise your next best option would be DTS Neural:X

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