Does this work for roku tv

Will this work on roku T v’s and how to do it?

Sorry I posted a rather blunt response. I then took a look at your account and I see you are very new here. When asking a question or posting an issue can you please give us as much info as you have or know. What device you’re using, what app are you referring to, what steps have you tried and so on. The more info we have the more likely it is that someone will have an answer. Welcome to TP.

I have a roku tv and wanted to see if any of this site works on a roku. Like jailbreak. Can i any of the apps, on roku. Anything on this site does it work on roku tv.
Its shows Android devices.
Maybe im just not smart enough for this site.
Ill delete account.

No you’re good. It’s a perfectly good question. I personally don’t use Roku as it’s too closed a system and most here like sideloading and the droid app options. Others may respond, but now I understand what you’re looking for, at least, but also sorry I can’t help. I do know that you can plug your Max Firestick or other streaming device, into your Roku TV hdmi port and it will run perfectly. The Max is FireTV and you can do what you like with it, with a few restrictions like launchers. At this point your Roku will simply become a monitor for your streaming device that is basically a mini computer. So you can load apps onto the Max and use your Roku TV to watch that content and use the apps.

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Trying to run streaming apps through your Roku TV is fine as long as they are mainstream apps. Roku doesn’t allow sideloading, so most of what we talk about in here will not work. Get yourself a streaming device and plug into the HDMI port. Most importantly of all, go to and start to do some research. There is a lifetime of information in there and will start to make sense of everything we discuss in here.