Does 19.3 require PVR hardware?

I have been a Kodi user for years and never needed or used a PVR. I had to delete my old 19.0 and installed 19.3. Now, when I try to add an add-on, I keep getting a message that I don’t have a PVR add-on enabled. I never got this message with other versions. What do I need to do?

No, Ignore that add-on. Unless you are setting up recording and what not its nothing to worry about. Which addons is it asking it? I never got that pop up before with installing addons, i think once in a build.

I can’t ignore the message because it doesn’t allow me to move forward. It directs me to the Kodi PVR page to tell me how to set up a PVR. For now, I installed 18.9 from Troypoint and it’s working fine. I think it must be a bug they’ll have to fix, but I wonder if I’m the only one experiencing it.


Completely remove kodi and install 19.3

almost sounds as if the kodi apk is corrupt. I agree zap it and wipe it out as well as the downloaded file and re-download from a trusted source.

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I don’t use Kodi anymore, but I do remember this same Issue when I installed Mad Titan and the PVR was coming up because I was trying to get live TV. So I installed the Simple PVR client and I was able then to get the IPTV, and no more PVR warnings or problems. This was on Matrix 19.4

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I reinstalled 19.3 and it works fine now. I should have thought of trying that before bothering you all. Thank you very much everybody for the help.
Happy streaming!

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May have been just a bad download/install of 19.4. I’m using 19.4 and am not having this issue.

However, it really bugs me that they’ve gone to the full QWERTY keyboard structure in 19.4 that requires to to use the shift key to get a colon ( : ) when inputting a URL!

(I guess this is just a first world problem…)

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No you’re not the only one. I had decided to upgrade to KODI 19.5, and I can’t even begin to add Crew , and that’s my best “Go-to” apk. What a pain in my aspect.