Documentaries, What offers the best selection for them?

I had access to an APK that offered a ton of Documentaries but most of them have lost their links. It is nice being able to access them all in one program.

I’m not sure of the url but documentary heaven is still pretty awesome.

If you are using Kodi 19 I’d suggest loading the Diggz Xenon build. It contains a favorites page with a document selection available. What makes it great, is that when you load it the build, it’s set up and contains documentaries from 11 add-ons all in one place. Here’s a screenshot.

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The one pic didn’t come through. It just showed the favorites tab and documentary option.

Totally agree with you … was using Xanax build and was so sad when it folded but Diggz Xenon Free build is totally awesome … lots of local and cable TV channels … SportsHD for rugby. The Trending Lists, under Movies and TV heading is just so excellent.

If your lookin for live doc channels… most protocol providers have mostly the same channel lineup. the bigger packgs have a few more, look for sky nature, sky docs, sky arts, eden, love nature, ect.

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