Documentaries on kodi

I can’t seem to watch any documentaries anywhere on wildlife or parrots in the wild… How can i fix this ?

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Have you searched networks such as Nat Geo, Animal Planet, Smithsonian, Discovery, Nat Geo Wild; or shows such as Blue Planet, Blue Ocean, etcetera? There are plenty of wildlife documentaries available.


As mentioned above do a search and depending on your addon you can search by genre as well that includes documentaries.


If you are using an add-on in Kodi, such as Seren or the Crew, click on Popular List, then Documentaries. Then click on one and search the content.


None of those have a stream … All the add-ons keep saying no stream available even though I change my IPV I clear caches and still nada . I’ve been trying to watch this movie called “wild parrots of telegraph Hill” And I can’t get any stream on that movie on any add-on

Have you tried the Magellan app from Amazon?

Do you have Real Debrid? Also, for there to be a stream, someone has to post it on a server or a P2P computer for it to be available to stream. Unfortunately, not every movie, tv show, and series ever made is available to stream. There are going to be movies and shows that are just not available. I googled the documentary you are asking about. It was made in 2010 and is available to purchase on DVD through amazon and is also available to stream on Amazon.

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