Do IPTV services sell your info?

Almost ALL browsers, sites, social groups sell your info for their profit. So why would it not be feasible that these bootlegged iptv services do the same.

It’s not only about the $20 bucks a month times 3,000. Selling your info is BIG profits for many.

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Correct, everyone does. Use a VPN dont use your personal info. When you see targeted adds its from selling your info to these companies. It’s disgusting.

Proxy browser and sever

Only buy from secure connection sites. You can use something that makes it a https secure connection as well. But thats more advanced. Protect your online data always be just being cautious and researching. VPN is the way to go. iptv providers never get my info.


When I had my Torrent site I was always being approached to sell my E:mail customer Data Base. I never did. It violated so many principles IMHO.



Wish more people where like you.

Always selling out.

And this was back in the early 2000s when a 65000 customer email DB went for a hell of a good buck. But when you’re running what the big executive types consider to be a “grey area” site you aren’t looking for attention.

I don’t sell any of my customers information. The only emails / or contact they receive after becoming a customer is an email following up on our service, announcing service updates, internal offers or renewal notices. We take our privacy policy seriously and respect everyone’s privacy.

Don’t use your real name and info and use a VPN

No problem in using a fake name and yes a VPN is advisable. But with a fake name and info don’t expect any type of real support either. Our service does provide live support, call back support as well as email support to our customers. (at least those who choose to provide their information.)

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As most are saying on here, I agree. You must use a reputable paid VPN. I also use the Blur app which masks your email, payment option, and phone number. You can even have it manage your passwords so that it generates the most difficult combo of letters/numbers/symbols. Worth the cost of the premium service for the protection it offers. I use Tutanota for my email service, which is a secure email service.

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