Disney+ stopped streaming on any of my Nvidia devices

Dear Friends.

I have a problem with Disney+ on my 3 Nvidia devices, Shield Pro 2019, 2017 and tube.

I’m subscribed to Disney+ for 1.5 years now, I’m streaming the service from behind a VPN, streaming was running smoothly until 2 weeks ago, when opening the Disney+ apk on any on my Nvidias either of 2 dialogue frames appears on my TV, the first asking me to update the apk, and when clicking the update the same dialogue appears again and again, or the second appears telling me that I’m streaming from behind a VPN, although my other subscribed-to services, which are Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, all stream perfectly from behind the same VPN. I tried several of my VPN servers to no avail, I would appreciate any help which can solve this problem.

Disney+ Paid Sub. = legal TV and no need to use a VPN.

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Like Miki said, I would keep my SS running and Bypass Disney+ app.


Thank you so much for the quick replies.

I don’t live in the USA, that’s why I need the VPN

Well, paid apps dont like vpns so this will be a problem till you run the app without a vpn, you should be fine to use it without.

Disney+ runs fine outside the US, doesn’t it?

Yes it does, it will still only play based on your subscription but works fine outside Canada and usa.

No, this why I’m using a VPN service with a US server, and it was working fine until 2 weeks ago then stopped showing one of the two dialogue frames shown in my original post.

My subscription was through the Apple AppStore when I was in the US, I went overseas and, behind a US VPN sever, the service worked until 2 weeks ago

You can use paid apps over seas without a vpn. These apps block out vpns so i dont think you will get it working again.

Amazon and Hulu, so which I’m subscribed, don’ stream here but from behind a VPN, Disney was so until it stopped 2 weeks ago

Yea, thats the thrid time you said this. Paid apps block vpns its only a matter of time. I have explained my self 3 times.

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Have you checked to see if your Disney+ app might just need updating? If you have auto updates turned off.

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Thanks to you and to all who replied to my question, it seams there is no hope with Disney+.

Paid apps have been actively blocking vpns.

Regardless of how Disney+ acts with a VPN running and not bypassed, why doesn’t this app work where you live without a VPN? I guess I’m confused. I thought it was a worldwide app.

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Could be they only want US content. Disney+ is actively adding VPN IP addresses to their blocked list as they discover them.

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What Countries Can You Watch Disney Plus In? Wherever You Want (alphr.com)

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What VPN are you using? @Lynx44

Try updating your Disney+ app with your VPN turned off. You said it is asking you to update, but you are not able to update. Try with the VPN off.

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