DISH to Lose Over 100 Local Channels - Over 3 Million Users Impacted

Originally published at: DISH Likely to Lose Over 100 Local Channels - Over 3 Million Impacted

It was recently announced that DISH Network is likely to lose more than 100 local channels as early as next week. According to a statement from Sinclair Broadcast Group, DISH is expected to lose 112 Sinclair-owned TV channels after an agreement expires on August 16, 2021. This would impact over 3.5 million DISH subscribers throughout…

I ditched Dish network for IPTV and over the air tv over 7 years ago due to lack of high definition feeds on some channels plus similar contract disputes they were having with both local broadcast and cable networks resulting in outages. In addition, their monthly fees continued to increase. I believe their base package is now almost $70 per month which is insane. I am getting much more channel selection plus movies and tv series for about 1/3rd the cost in addition to great hd quality. Anyone subscribing to cable or satellite tv today is really wasting their money.

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