DiggzXenon Build

Hi anyone if this is actually down. No source seems to work on install?

Thank you


Are you using the build without a real debrid account? You might not be getting links on a free stuff.

Strange I’ve managed to install it now thank you


The build works.

Next time try to be more clear on what is going on.

No streams on links?
No links?
Help with install?
Build isn’t loading?

Just to help us so we can help you.


I’ve got this problem too. Scrapers are installed and it’s an active debris account. What’s really strange is I can pull 4k links on diggz on a fire hd tablet for the same movie but can’t on diggz on nividia shield. Really weird. Cache cleared etc etc. any ideas?


If this is the issue you had you should be clear on the problem.

4k links are the issue?

As mentioned above and on the other topic check real debrid. Do you have one?

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