Diggz Xenon Plus 6.1 & add-ons

Thanks to Troy’s info about Real-Debrid, I’ve been using this debrid-only build. BUT I usually add some of my favorite add-ons and it seems that they are blocked in this build. At the final stage of installation, it fails. I just wanted to add Exodus - but noooo, it doesn’t function after all steps to install have been done. The same with Numbers and any others too.

What gives? Anybody else have this problem?

Hi linrey
The reason you are unable to install Exodus and Numbers to Diggz Xenon Build is that the designer of the build did not add their respective repository’s into the build, thus you are unable to install. Also there is no way to add a repository to the build, as that is a function restricted to the designer solely.
Hope that helps.


I had thought this would be the case but hoped someone had a solution.
THANKS! I’ll stop hoping… :frowning_face:

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