Diggz xenon build failure

Ive been trying to install the diggz xenon add on all day following Troy’s instructions but every time I start I get a message remote communications server; failed to start and as a newbie, I haven’t got a clue what to do. Can anybody enlighten me please

Make sure you’re typing it in exactly or it won’t work, like colons and things

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http://diggz1.me/diggz19 is the correct url for current build and only works on 19.4 and make sure to update one came out today


I had to do some searching myself after I tried and it failed. The link you posted works great.

Surprised so many here had such trouble finding the updated url for this build as much as everyone here loves Kodi yet apparently no one follows Dr Venture who is a Kodi and tv/movies app apk real debrid expert he had countless of these tutorials on rumble

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