Diggz Ultra vs Diggz Plus 7

Has anyone compared the updated
diggz ultra to diggz plus 7? I am currently downloading ultra and was wondering if it is worth it.

I installed Ultra yesterday night and my impression is that it is working a lot slower on average than +7. On the other hand, with +7 I sometimes got ridiculously long times (5 minutes?) while the build told me it was working and I haven’t seen any of those yet.



It would be slow depending on your device. It was okayish on my box.

Laptop works great. I have used the plus 7 and it works great, I just don’t recommend it on dongle type streaming devices.

You need good storage ram and decent processor to get better load times on these builds.

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I ran through the items didn’t see a library in ultra. +7’s library has a different setup from +6.6 but I am working my way through it. Also, when searching, the working icon still seems to keep going after the item is found; unless, you hit the back button. Anyone have a fix for that?

I am running a 4Gb/32Gb Android box and upgraded my build from 6.6 to 7. I wish i had of stayed with the 6.6 build, although i find both slow and laggy.
The fastest build i have is a No Limits over top of an 18.9 fork. I love the Diggz builds and am grateful for all their dedicated work. Just wish they were a little faster, however I realize that these are feature laden builds, whether it’s sports, movies or TV … Xenon has got you covered.

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I reinstalled 7+ and everything speeded up again. A pity, because I really loved the Ultra Build.

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