Diggz freezing and kicking me to home screen

Hello, can anyone help me with diggz xenon? It continually freezes or jick me out to my home screen. With that said i am using a firebox and not the stick. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi welcome, I have been using a kodi build for years and have found similar issues with the build you mentioned, I have found when you open the build to be patient, don’t try to click on anything for a few minutes until the weather screen opens completely showing the five day forecast….if that doesn’t open force close the application and reopen it again, occasionally there is a error when the build is opened, if you are still having trouble :smiling_imp: I would suggest using a different build.

This is why we dont reay recommend builds. Id try real debrid with seren or crew

In the Diggz wizard is a build called Xenon Light for firestick v1.1 which is much more friendly on those devices. You’re not missing anything app-wise and the redundant IPTV apps cover having to install the PVR guide which is also too intense for the firestick. But if you need it for recording do at your own risk.

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