Diggiz Build question?

Question, does the Kodi Diggz build include the Nightwing add on? If not, can it manually added/incorporated into the Diggz build?

In Diggz, go to Xenon Plus. Scroll down to Setting and click.
On the new screen, scroll down on the left side down to Add-ons and click.
New screen scroll down to Install from Repository and click.
New screen. Scroll down to Magnetic Repo and click.
New screen. Scroll down to video add-ons and click.
New screen. At the top of this new screen is highlighted in blue is Nightwing. Click.
New screen. Click on the tab Install.
New screen. On the right side, click highlighted box “Ok”
Wait for it to completely download (it will say Enabled).
There you go.
Now you will need to go in and authorize Real-debrid if you use that service.

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