Different streams on same build xenon

Hi everyone. I use xenon on a firestick. I loaded this one two sticks and when I do a search on both, identical procedure, I get two different list of streams. I am puzzled. Is there a setting that I missed during the install? Any suggestions on how to correct this issue?


Sounds like it, Real Debrid enabled on both?

Neither. I have not signed up for it

Are all add-ons up to date?
Just to be clear when you say streams you’re talking about the results that come back from certain add-ons from the scrapers correct?

You are correct. The scrapers do not seem to find the streams. They are all enabled under settings

That is weird have you tried reinstall of xenon?
And also make sure the other xenon is the same xenon build as the other I have used xenon for a long time and recently dropped it because of certain issues.
But I do know it gets weird where there’s a new update but it doesn’t show because of glitch with their build.
I loved there build but just ran into too many issues.

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Verify version is exactly the same on both.

Identical build. Done minutes apart.

Ok I couldn’t say I know one time when it was setting things up after it was installed after the reboot I had it freeze and it messed up some things and I had to completely reinstall you can just try one more fresh reinstall even though it is a fresh install you never know otherwise I really couldn’t say what the problem would be just give it one more shot

If you dont use real debrid free streams will come and go.

Nothing you can do here, i suggest a real debrid account or you can try stremio but absolutely do not use it without a vpn as it driectly plays torrents and that data can been seen.

So i brought the stick back to my house and it gets all the streams from all the scrapers. Bring it back to my friends who is two blocks away and it goes back to my initial problem. I am really confuses now