Didn't Get your Syncler+ Code?

I’m going to post this, in hopes it will help future people who bought Syncler+ code from Syncler official store with crypto via Coinbase avoid having to wait 5 days for Syncler support to respond when you ask them why the code you paid for has not arrived in your email. The link is formulaic; so in theory, it should work when you SUBSTITUTE YOUR OWN ORDER INFO FOR THE XXXXs I have swapped my order info out with. Make sure you take a screenshot or write down the information on your order page when you initially pay for your code. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR EXACT (4 DIGIT AT TIME OF WRITING) ORDER NUMBER AND (CASE SENSITIVE) BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION ID, THIS LINK WILL NOT Work.


First, replace your (4 digit) order number with the XXXX after orderid=XXXX&order. Make sure there are no spaces left.

Next, get your blockchain transaction ID from your Coinbase receipt page (you should have taken a screenshot or written down this case sensitive transaction ID. It will be numbers and lower case letters. You must get it exactly right, no spaces, in the link above). Insert your exact blockchain transaction ID after hash=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

That may or may not bring up your code number. I figure it’s worth a try, since you’ll probably be waiting 5-7 days for Syncler to respond. Good luck!


You do get instructions sent to your email on HOW to get your key, you have to go to their page and submit the tracking order with the paid email you used to get your key… Save the info from your email. It isnt to hard, take a bit but its done this way for a reason.

Yes, I misspoke. But my code WAS NOT available to me. I never got that email. I had to contact Syncler support, which states they take 5-7 days to answer. I got my answer 6 days after purchase. Just trying to cut down on the wait for anyone else that happens to.


Check your spam and junk, you only get the email after payment has been verified. That link will not help anyone until payment has gone threw which can take 1 hour to 5 days.

I did check my spam. They never sent me the email, and apologized for their mistake. The payment went through and completed days ago. They neglected to send me the info. That is what they apologized for. They said their team is small, and demand is overwhelming. As I said, just trying to save anyone else that happens to, some time.

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