Did anyone else see their speeds increase when they updated their wifi analizer to

Did anyone else see their speeds speeds increase when they updated Analiti to 2021.12.50545.

That’s an old copy from 2021 I believe. Mine is 2022.04.59311

The version I’m using is 2022.05.59956
Holy moly my download speed increases with 30 Mbps

I have 2022.05.59956 and there is no difference in speeds tested with this version over the previous version I had.
One additional note. After the latest Fire OS update on my 4K max this app like many others no longer has the ability to update the app directly, you have to uninstall and install fresh.

Try tested few times you will see the speed increases :+1:

No speed increases at all. Just the same as before. This after 10 tests. In fact after the first 5 tests the speed dropped by half and remained there for the next 5. In order to once again test and get optimum speeds I had to do a fast task killer cycle and then the tests once again were at my top tested speed.

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Yes I forget to mention that I also used Fast Task Killer then the speed test few times I noticed that my download speed was increased

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My speeds are tested at exactly the same as previous releases. No difference at all. I only did the fast task killer because after 5 consecutive tests my speeds were reported at just over half of what they were. This might indicate a flaw in the app to me.

I think because you’re using FTK and ST longer then me, and also you have good and stable internet speed, so you don’t need to run the apps to often, because you hardly notice the difference, and also you are on the speed limit.

Yesterday I downloaded FTK and ST from RAI after running both apps I sow my internet speed increases with 10 Mbps.

But today upgraded ST to 2022 version run the FTK then speed test few times Speed went up 30 Mbps, and I noticed the difference I was very surprised, but if tomorrow I do the test again speed will not increases anymore, because I also be on my speed limit.

Anyway both apps are good to use from while to while.
Ok Mr. Miki as you always say stream on :joy::+1:

I thought you were talking about Analiti? Not sure what FTK has to do with my internet as it cleans RAM not the TCP.
If you want me to explain how FTK does help to increase the I/O function of an app by freeing up RAM that’s a whole new thread.
This thread was regarding a noticed increase in reported DL speed after installing the latest Analiti update of which, as I stated, there has not been any difference in the speed reported for me.

Sorry Miki for the confusion/abbreviations.
I should typed the complete words what I meant was that:
FTK = Fast Task Killer
ST = Speed Test from RAI is the Analiti tool.

Oh it’s all good. Fast Task Killer can help improve the download speeds on a single app that you are using, and is actively say downloading, by disconnecting background apps that are also actively connected to the internet and using the same network. But this will not alter your overall network download speeds as measured by Analiti.

Just to add my two cents, since I started this streaming hobby a couple of years ago I’ve been obsessed with checking my internet speed. :woozy_face:I’ve been aware that lots of people rely on analti as seen in some of Troypoint.com videos so I always wanted to use that one. My problem was every time I would run a test on analti I would get oddly low numbers (65 download and about 45 upload) and this has been consistent over time. At the same time I would use ookla speed test or def squid or other ones and they consistently tell me my download is around140 dl and 150ul. Now I noticed on friday while looking at uptodown app store there was an update on analti so I had to check it out.With the updated analti (2022.05.59956) I’m now consistently getting 150dl and130ul so something has definitely changed here with the update. Also on red mango speed test I consistently see speeds of 250ul and 300dl so all I can say is these speedtest tools have had me baffled for a while. :thinking:

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That is highly likely. The Analiti analyzer may in fact have better coding that allows it to more accurately report your actual internet speeds. Could be anything from improving reporting for newer protocols to adding better device integration. Oddly nothing changed for me other than when I switched VPN’s to one with speed boosting technology. Then my speeds using a VPN increased by around 30MBps down as reported by my Analiti speed tester. This did not change with the latest Analiti update. So for some it may simply be more accurate now as many users found it highly inaccurate months ago.

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Thats because most speed tools dont tell you about packet loss, well most dont.

They analyze your connections and most use wifi and at the time of testing there could signal and packet loss or some sort of network interruption. The best way to test your network is to do a hardwired connection straight from the isp modem with a broswer test like fast.com or speednet, that will give you the best test. Next would be to hook up your wifi, and only use one device close to the modem/router and test again via broswer speed test. Any app connected to a network and is getting data in the background counts as using internet.

Once you have done that use your wifi devices aroind your house as the further you are the worse it will be. Then next is test the same way with vpn on.

Anything using up bandwidth also effects your speeds. So, more than one device, running apps and shows and such


Thank you very much for the clarity @TP-Dracoo and @Miki. This has been a very frustrating issue for me.

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