Device or service?

Watching MSG+ on iptv ,shield pro,great picture.switch to my bedroom,shield tube ,same station ,same service,picture is choppy and not clear.this has happened several times, was wondering if it is the device or the IP TV service thanks for any answers

Well you have done ruled out the provider. Check connections, if wifi maybe change channel…for starters

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What TXRon said…& if you can’t find a solution there…I’m assuming your shield & tube are interchangeable…if so, swap them out & see what happens…it also could be a faulty cable.

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Is one on ethernet and the other on wifi? Is the good one closer to your modem/router? The Tube is not as good as the pro. I know this from personal experience. I use the Pro in my living room connected via ethernet. I use the Tube in my bedroom via wifi. I try to keep the Tube storage down to a minimum to alleviate streaming issues.

Btw, the Tube is maybe 12 feet away from my Comcast modem/router combo, and I get wifi speeds into the 500+ Mbps range.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been so cheap trying to save the $50 bucks difference. Live and learn, I guess? lol

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Both are on Wi-Fi,I believe the hdmi Cable was the culprit as I have replaced it thanks to other advice I got here, I definitely agree the tube is not as good but it is only my secondary viewing search which I don’t use nearly as much ,But in retrospect ,I Agree with you I should’ve spent the extra 50 bucks also .thanks for your help


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