Deleting apps on shield pro

Can unwanted apps be deleted. Installed apps like Netflix Hulu and stuff like that

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I removed mine and disabled the play store etc.

So you must be downloading what you need from the toolbox?

No. The toolbox has a limited number of apps and I don’t do Kodi. So I think I got 3 apps out of the toolbox.

Thanks Miki. I’m pretty new to all this stuff so sorry for stupid questions.

Hey, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Stupid answers maybe but not questions. So please don’t say that about yourself. Every one of us has been where you are now, at the start of a journey. You stumble, I reach out to help you up. That’s what I do. So ask your questions and welcome to Troypoint, where helping is just what WE do.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!


You guys are really awesome. I’ve learned a ton of stuff. Thanks


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