Defsquid virus scan

Just ran defsquid on my firestick and it flagged my kodi 19.3 as “suspicious”. Anyone know what it may be or appropriate actions?

And it just now flagged Cinema as “malicious”

Ya if you got Cinema HD mod then I had 12 modules of spyware/adware/malware. I immediately uninstalled it and have never gone back.

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The only version of cinemahd I trust and is unmodded Is on unlinked or their website.

Now you will get false positives. Depends on the code and script the anti-virus uses. It will flag certain things as bad because of certain code used to make apps or programs which can be used for malicious intent.

With that said, only get kodi from the troypoint app or playstore. They are the same urls and unmodded.


I had the same result on both fire stick 4K Max scans. I tried uninstalling Kodi on one fire stick, and reinstalling. Before adding apps, I rescanned with Defsquid, and had the same result. So that eliminates the app as the problem.

I got both Kodi and Cinema from unlinked.


You are safe to use them then, false positives.

Thank you all for your assistance.

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