Defsquid shows two 1.72% "suspicious" services

I recently installed Defsquid after seeing it on Troypoint. After Virus scanning two very popular services, one jailbroke other not, said both 1.72% suspicious! . I have four firesticks with the two same services on all. One will be fine on one stick, bad on another, none bad on all or good on all. I uninstalled then reinstalled with the same results. Went to rapid app installer for second virus scanner and got same results. Second scanner says Android Agent GEN45109 ?? Not sure how to proceed, recommendations anyone. I do use a VPN. Thanks in advance for any/all help.


Which apk is it? You didn’t say.

If you installed something from the rapid app, playstore, Amazon store or unlinked it’s showing you a false positive.

You can carry on safely. If you got a modded apk from a untrusted source then delete it. Or a modded apk randomly from Google or a modded version of a safe apk.

Otherwise you are fine. False positives.


New to this and was a little unsure about mentioning names. Pluto and CinemaHD are the two so I felt pretty confident about it not being a “real” threat. Now that I’m familiar to the two virus/maintenance programs I can run them periodically. Cinema was the one of most concern.

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I have been in touch with the developer and he indicated to me that in his next update he will be adding additional identification for the “suspicious” modules so that you can research exactly what they are and if you need to be concerned.

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I don’t use pluto, pretty sure the url for it is from a verified source unmodded apk so your are seeing a auto flag.

Cinemahd on unlinked comes from the actual website.

I’d use stremio kodi or syncler instead of those 2.

The developer can say what he wishes in his update regarding these flags, unless it’s a copy cat app with malicious intent that you got from some unverified source then you will be fine.

I know his code is a stronger anti virus script that’s constant with avg or bit defender.

But! Cinemahd has been modified many times and put in many different sites so only use the one from their actual website. But I strongly suggest the 3 I posted to avoid issues

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Actually the update will show the exact module name and info generating the warning. This way you can research what it is and make an informed decision as to whether or not you keep that app or delete it and find a clean copy.
An app that already does this if you want to install it and do a second test for your info and safety confirmation. Virus-Total.


Yes, when Defsquid was showing something suspicious I went to the Rapid App installer and did install Virus Total which gave the same results showing everything clean except “CAT-QuickHeal” with “Android Agent GEN45109” as the issue. I tried to research it but found little that was of help with my minimal knowledge of the subject.

I appreciate the assistance and advice. I’ve started reading about stremio and syncler on T.P. as an alternative. I did get the two apk’s directly from the source not a 3rd party site and I use IV Vanish for my VPN. Thank you for your help with my question, it is very much appreciated!

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