Defsquid or Task Killer

If I have Defsquid on firestick, I also have Task Killer. Do I really need both?

Yes. Defsquid cleans, does a malware scan, and you can close your apps and clear cache. Fast Task Killer frees up RAM so that your device has more processor cycles for your immediate tasks like watching a movie. I find FTK works best if you run it two times in a row.


Use both, they will probably be all you need.

SD maid pro is also a good one to put on


i was under the impression that they both do the same thing. thanks.

Defsquid scans for malware. They don’t do the de things.

Sdmaid pro
Task killer

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SDmaid is my fav…untill you run into scoped storage and it blocks most access

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