Def Squid finding Malware

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I ran a virus scan using Def Squid and it has picked up a number of potentially malicious apk’s. Considering some of these have been around forever, I was wondering if they are false positives and if others have found the same results as I have. I used to separate Fire sticks and will list my results below

Fire Stick 4k
File Synced Tea Tv, Swift Streamz, NovaTV, Media Lounge, HD STREAMS Lite, Cinema HD V2
*** Facebook, Undetected

Fire Stick 4k Max
File Synced TeaTV, Swift Streamz, Cinema HD V2

All the best and keep safe and healthy.

I get the following listed as Harmfull also on a DefSquid Virus Scan.
On a Firestic 4K.

Cinema HD V2
Live NetTV
Internet Speed Test

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I noticed if it’s a modded apk/app to say get add free, there are some positive findings. I immediately deleted all those apps, found new apks and don’t have any positive findings anymore.


Modded apks will probably almost likely flag any anti virus or malware program.

If the developer them selves didn’t mod it I would be vary wary from using it. Alot of people tend to download everything without reading it for stuff that does the same thing as a safe program.

False Positives do happen alot tho, depends on the codding language and what’s used to make the program run and how it works. I used to run game hacking software and a major website for almost every online game and fps. Tons of false positives is my point.

Some advice:

If a program intergrated with real debrid will find the same thing as something els intergrated with real debrid as it’s sourced from the server. Stick to known programs unless you have first hand knowledge.


A word of advice in this false positive world. Never use your iptv/apk/kodi device on any device sharing your personal details, accounts esp banking…etc etc. Try to maintain them seperately. Ever since the invention of pc’s came the malware…its almost as if it is the same people :face_with_raised_eyebrow: