Deeper Connect Mini

Hey. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the Deeper Connect Mini? $299 but provides VPN and a firewall. Plug and play too.


Installing a vpn on the router/modem does this as well. Everything is through threw vpn that way.

This is also a proxies setup in short, you can do this for free simply by using tor and other various broswers. It allows you to setup a nod style relay bouncing your masked ip all over the net over tons of servers.

My go to:

Tor proxies with vpn intergrated
Vpn at the router (this does what this box does)
And common sense.
Windows defender for virus and malware
Android boxes and phones defsquid.

Thanks for the quick reply. Not sure I follow all the lingo but I get the idea. Cheers!


I get it, honestly if you are unaware of the lingo my best advice for a new user is pay yearly for a vpn and connect it to all the devices you want protected. Simple process, these boxes tend to have ther own issues.

Thanks. That’s what I have now with IP Vanish…and it works generally seamlessly.