Deciphering a weatherwidget

Copy…that’s still over a gig lower than my numbers. You may have to reboot to clear it all out…or you’ve got some RAM heavy stuff still running. :thinking:

What those guys above me just said :roll_eyes:


you dont need much to stream…many boxes only have 1 or 2. I dont run my weather app on this box just in case I might wana race :rofl:… now my ugoos has 8… so vrrrrooom :sunglasses:

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I’ve pushed mine as hard as I can & 4G has always been plenty…I’m guessing you have some fast n’ furious apps you run, so 8G of memory is prolly needed…am I right? :thinking:

naw, im no gamer. Just on my pc and they are old guy games, like billiards :joy:

Thank :blush: you all for the help I had no idea my weather widget was a power hog. With my new knowledge, the widgets gotta go.


Roger that…I’m a Pong guy myself…maybe some occasional golf :man_golfing:

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One more question to let my lack of tech knowledge shine, if a guy had a whole bunch of very large kodi builds on his device would this be stealing ram even though there closed?

nope, only if they are in use. Just taking up storage.

heres a cool widget you might like Simple Memory Widget for Android - APK Download

Thanks a million. For me this may be the most helpful place on earth.:blush:

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@TXRon, I found another one I even liked more. If you want to try it, I’ll leave a link. This one is transparent and fluctuating ram. I found the other one took time to show actual ram availability. Thanks again. :grin: Memory And Storage Widget for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown Now I have 2 widgets. :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::+1:

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looks good, ram working good, not so good with storage…at least not yet :grimacing: :+1: