Deciphering a weatherwidget

Wondering if I can get one of the skilled minds here to help me with this :thinking:. I’ve searched for quite a while and can’t find an answer to this probably simple question. On this widget am I correct in thinking where it says 45.0GB refers to my available device storage and the 4°C is my device temperature (that would coincide with what Aida apk is reading) but what the heck is the 1.1GB telling me? Also what does -1 atm stand for?

That small symbol next to it would make me instantly think RAM

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agree, avaliable ram and atmospheric pressure?

hmmm, is that Wolf Launcher on an X5?

Thanks @Streaming429 for the quick response and I thought that too but then I hit the fasttask killer thinking if that’s what it was then that number should have increased and it stayed the same but I really don’t have the smarts if that makes sense.

Good eye @TXRon :smile: Finally!

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Where do you keep your device, in the refrigerator? 4* C is what…39* F…? :cold_face:

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Not sure why that’s what it’s saying but Aida says :thinking: the same thing, it’s a little warmer in here, I’m sure :wink:

One more question is 1.1G fairly normal for ram?

Are you starting with 4 gigs? I guess I should ask: is your device rated @ 4G RAM?

& the ATM is At The Moment…

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Yes @pangaetech it’s an x5

Now I’m confused, it’s saying -1 at the moment?

That seems kind of low to me…is AIDA showing the same…1.1G? I’m running a live tv show on Tivimate & AIDA is running & I have 2.4G available. What do you have running when it’s @ 1.1G?

if you have fast task killer it will free up that ram…hit it twice

Yeah…didn’t think of what was already stored there…I just cleaned mine a little while ago…he’ll prolly get another gig if he runs FTK.

Aida is showing installed ram 4GB, total memory 3764MB and available memory says 1255MB(fluctuating)

Just double clicked ftk jumped to 1350MB

I’d venture to say the weather app is gobbling up ram

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That would be my guess. A resource hog

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