Dearest Troy - Hats Off :-)

Your number one fan from Down Under here. I’ll start this with two words ‘Peacock Frustration’.

Had it working on firestick 1 - gave that to my brother and went to work building the FS 2.0 - The KILLER FS. Along came time to load Peacock. No matter what I did, how I twisted it; it just wouldnt work. GIve up? No way Aussies dont, so I scoured the internet …

Then whilst attending Sunday FS mass, Pope Troy delivered as part of his sermon … Peacock TV Available in the United States Only. “Unfortunately, using a VPN for Firestick doesn’t help this situation due to the fact that they’ve blocked VPN usage.”

And I fell to my knees to the messiah - Indeed my quest WAS in vain. Sadly as an animal lover the humble Peacock has plummeted out of my top 100.

Thank you for informing me the world is indeed round not flat; I’ll will redirect my energy elsewhere.

Forever you down under buddy
Tex :slight_smile:

Good Day Mate and welcome to the community.
I might have Salvation for you in form of Kodi and along with Seren and the Crew add-ons. Make sure you integrate them with real-debrid. Then you can search within the two add-ons for your shows you like to view on Peacock and stream them to your hearts content.
PS…. I have extremely close family friends living in Brisbane and Sydney!!

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Well, that’s so nice SB for you to respond. I’m 30 years IT so the whole App thing is 100% with me however, I do admit I am struggling with the ‘build’ layer. To give you an analogy I understand the lego blocks aka real-debrid [signed up], Trakt, etc that sit just outside the wall of the ‘build’. Mine is Xenon Plus 7.2.

So, within that, in my mind’s eye, I see subsystems eg Oath, Crew, etc aggregated within this ‘build’.

Where I struggle is it seems that you need to authenticate yourself to your lego blocks [eg real-debrid, trakt etc] both at the build level, then at each sub-level eg oath, crew, seren, and so on. There doesn’t seem to be a master set of logins that pass down the chain. Even then it doesn’t seem to work as you would logically think it would.

So as of yet I have not been able to set up nirvana as you have described of selecting shows etc and having them cascade thru the various platforms.

Do you know of a YOUTUBE set of tutorials that may guide me thru the process?

Great to hear that you have a connection to the lucky country :slight_smile: And please I am not here for hand-holding but mere guidance to the single source of truth. I see the potential in this platform not only for myself but in fact my 90-year-old mother who struggles to find anything to watch on TV nowadays.


Your fine, all good :+1:
I like the analogy!
So it’s been awhile since I’ve used a build, may need to bare with me.
Within Diggz, look for Systems and click on it.
After a new screen opens up, click on General. If a new screen opens scroll to unknown sources and click to allow unknown sources.
From there, scroll down to accounts click the right side of the select button on your remote and scroll down to Real-Debrid and click on (re)authorize.
Wait for the code to appear and then go out to the Internet and to the real-debrid/device and input the code. Wait for the message that it’s activated.
Then click back a few times until you reach your build Home Screen and see if you can get a show to pull links and play.
Come back here and let us know how it’s going.
Happy New Year!!

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