Data increased magically overnight

This is strange….before retiring last night I cleared my cache and had 1.08 gig available. Woke up this morning and received a notice saying memory low. Checked it and it showed only 300mb remaining. Looked at all my apps and none of them were way out of range like you would suspect. Looking for help before I dump all the apps and reload. Thank you

On a Firestick? That’s quite a lot of extra Data. Not even updates should consume 700MB. Hmmm that is odd. I actually Never leave the power on for my Firestick overnight. Both my TV and the Max are plugged into a power bar.

If you are using kodi or a build this is often a problem.


Tx - I do have Kodi and 3 add ons - crew, oath and venom. The odd thing is I was watching Syncler all night.

With Kodi I use the “Open Wizard” maintenance and set it up to clear everything automatically every time I start Kodi. This has kept my data to under 100 MB for months.

Where is that found? Did not see it on the TP RAI.

Did u leave the 2 devoper options on? Or do u turn them off after each use? That leaves your firestick open for interactions outside your permission.

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Open Wizard Kodi Addon (Maintenance) –
Open Wizard Kodi Addon (Maintenance) –


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