D/L app on PC; copy to USB


  1. If I remove/ok to eject USB, reinstalled will apps on USB still run? Silly to ask but asking what text book says to expect?

  2. Much easier to d/l apk’s and xapk’s on PC.
    Is it ok to copy them to USB drive that already was formatted with AFT and has installed / working apps on the drive?

  3. Will I be able click those new apk’s to side load each? Will it work?

  4. I read that the AFT could only see one USB thumb drive. My goal is to copy apk’s I d/ld from PC

A. If I install a 2nd USB thumb drive into my third port (one has my wireless receiver for KBD and Mouse, other has my USB with side-loaded apps), is it safe to choose Format option from AFT or better to format FAT32 from PC?

B. Since only one USB drive is mounted at a time, how do I select which should be mounted/active to either run it’s installed apps OR copy apk’s that I placed on from my PC D/L copy?

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