CyberFlix problem

Does anyone know why CyberFlix is only playing movies and not any TV shows? It shows “No Data” when you click on a TV show that you want to watch. It’s been doing this for a while already. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if maybe that’ll work, but it doesn’t.

I was wondering the same thing…

And here is your answer. As of now, both movies & tv shows work.

7/11/20 - Cyberflix Fans - FIXED no data issues

Information below is from the Developer’s Official Support Group (source Facebook)

"Back up all your favourites, a trakt account is recommended and settings in Cyberflix settings.

Go to your apps section on your device and find Cyberflix. Clear cache, clear data and UNINSTALL THE APP.

It’s important to do this first.

Go to OUR filelinked code 94407748 pin 3000 and do a fresh install and all should be good."

“Version number has not changed. Don’t forget to log back into Real Debrid and check to make sure all providers and resolvers are checked (in the Settings)”

Also in the Settings, make sure “Parallel sources loading” is checked and “Resolve all links immediately” is also checked.

Thanks, worked great!

Sounds good! I’ll give that a try. Thanks for replying!