Cyberflix kicking my VPN off

For about a month now, I notice that when Cyberflix starts spidering for the links, my VPN gets kicked off. I was on IPVanish and switched to Surfshark thinking it might be the VPN but it still is doing this with Surfshark.

Then I thought it might be safety dot and upgraded that but still happening.

It happens on both my firestick and my android box, so not the device.

It does not happen on Kodi Exodus, only cyberflix. It does not happen all the time but enough that I am exposed to xfinity.

Sometimes the VPN kick back on within seconds but other times, the VPN stays disconnected.

Any one else experiencing this?

Which version of cyberflix do you have? I will install and test it. I am installing ad free 3.4.0.
Ok I installed it, did not add RD, tested 3 movies and 3 tv series. Cyberflix scraped all of them for sources and found lots. It is slow loading using MX Player Pro and took a long time finding some older series sources and even in popular series it did not find any sources for older season episodes. But not once did it interfere or interupt the VPN. The scrapers in Cyberflix are not very good imho.

Thanks Mike. I have 3.3.6 but I see you already tested.I use real-debrid so no worries on getting good links. I tried it last night and it is still happening. Wonder if it has anything to do with real debrid? Thanks again

Hello @hheart I would suggest rebooting router, cable modem, and your streaming device. If your Internet is dropping then it will probably automatically turn your VPN off and you will need to reconnect. This might not have anything to do with VPN but may have something to do with your network/ISP. The fact that both VPNs are doing this tells me there might be a problem elsewhere.


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