Crewnique and other channels

I did find this topic discussed earlier this month but it was closed out and didn’t quite answer my issue. I already had Kodi set up with the various “apps” I wanted inside but I downloaded crewnique and did a fresh install which overrode my apps. So, I downloaded the Kodi 19.4 fork build and put my apps back into that build. My question is, now I have Kodi (crewnique skin) and Troy’s 19.4 fork build. Is there anyway to merge all of this together or do I need to keep them separate? I could not see a way in crewnique to add repositories.

Currently my Kodi app is the crew only and the 19.4 build has my other “channels”. And, if I hadn’t done the fresh install and used the one below it, would they all still have been under Kodi? (I have other devices to upgrade)


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