Crew sports missing

Just installed Kodi 19.2 and the Crew add on. All working ok. But Crewsports is missing from the Crew repository. What am I doing wrong.

Is the sports missing from The Crew Addon or actually from the repository? I thought, and I could be wrong, that The Crew had a separate addon for The Crew Sports for Kodi 19? Google The Crew Sports Addon. I just checked Google, and there is a separate Crew Sports. Troypoint has a screen shot instruction page how to install it.

Thanks for answering. I did follow the Troypoint install instructions. Crew sports, which should have been listed right after “the boys” in the repository was not there.

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@Riceyepie If I am not mistaken The Crew Sports add-on was created when Kodi 19 Matrix first came out.

Once they got the crew add-on working with Kodi 19 Matrix they incorporated the sports part into their main Crew add-on for Kodi 19 Matrix.

Thank you. There is indeed a “sports” category within the Crew. Perhaps that is it. I tried it out before my first posting. Most of it doesn’t work. Thought there might be something else.

Yes Sports is in The Crew and has been working absolutely great all Football Season so far. You might have to try a few different links and every now and then you get booted but just click another link and your good to go! NFL and Red Zone is on all day at my place using The Crew. i have Real Debrid but not sure that matters with the sports streams

Thank you for answering

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